Clinical Counselling Appointments in Squamish

Hello and Welcome.  Thank you for taking the next step in your journey by booking an appointment.


For new clients, please print, complete and take intake form to your first session. Alternatively, it can be completed in person at your first session.  

Tenacity Client Intake and Informed Consent

COVID-19 UPDATE: Face-to-face sessions are on hold at the moment. When they resume they will take place at the Sound Mind Counselling Clinic in Squamish.

I am continuing to support current and new clients via tele-support oNature-Based Counselling on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s from 5 – 8PM.   Nature Based sessions meet outside the Brennan Park Swimming Pool entrance.  Sessions take place in most weather conditions so please be prepared for the elements and walking on flat ground with possible puddles. 

squamish counselling appointment