Nature-Based Therapy

Nature-Based Therapy encompasses taking therapy into a natural setting with an end goal of individual and/or family wellness.  This style of therapy has a close relationship to family systems theory in that both theories recognize the inter-relatedness of being and our surroundings. It encompasses a solution focused and strength based approach and nature is viewed as a healing partner in the counselling process.  Some people experience that this is less intimidating than a traditional office setting.  Nature-based counselling helps cultivate awareness as individuals as they explore their relationship to themselves, their sense of place in the world and natural surroundings and their relationship with others.

Tenacity Counselling offers individual and family therapy sessions. I utilize traditional therapy modalities combined with Nature-Based Therapy to achieve healing and increase wellness. Sessions take place in a natural setting in Squamish.   An individual’s goals, duration of therapy, and intensity of a session are determined during the initial consultation.  Together we will explore and identify your therapeutic goals. This is often a vulnerable process and is something we approach with an awareness and care for your experience by taking time to hear your needs, understand your perspective, and create sessions focused on your specific desires.  Additionally, I will explore the effectiveness of nature-based interventions, connect actions to outcomes, and help you learn strategies and tools to address experiences and relationships.  My intention as the therapist is to support you in a meaningful way through your healing process so that you might experience a greater level of wellness in your life.

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Jamal Ahmelich is a registered clinical counsellor through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. His philosophy of therapy is that the client/counsellor relationship is of utmost importance in promoting change and as such, always uses a client centered, strengths based approach.

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