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Jamal Ahmelich is a registered clinical counsellor through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. His philosophy of therapy is that the client/counsellor relationship is of utmost importance in promoting change and as such, always uses a client centered, strengths based approach.

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Sleep Hygiene – Strategies for a restful sleep

Sleep is such an important human function but yet many of us do not get adequate amounts of it.  Complex lives have us missing valuable sleeping hours and have us going to bed at erratic times.  Here are some tips to encourage a better nights sleep.  Good night!

– Avoiding napping during the day.

– Some people find a calming activity such as reading, yoga, deep breathing, taking a bath or a cup of herbal tea helpful before bed.

– Avoid eating a heavy meal before bedtime

– If you have lots of thoughts racing around in your head before sleep, try writing in a journal

– Avoiding using the bedroom for watching TV or playing video games.  Try to associate your bedroom as a place for relaxation.

– A dark, quiet room is optimal

– Avoiding stimulants/depressants before bed

– A good bedtime routine…same time to bed, in the same place

What helps you get a better nights sleep?



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