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Jamal Ahmelich is a registered clinical counsellor through the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. His philosophy of therapy is that the client/counsellor relationship is of utmost importance in promoting change and as such, always uses a client centered, strengths based approach.

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youth health

Child and Youth Mental Health support for BC


As part of the provincial government’s Ministry
of Children and Family Development, they are a
free and voluntary service. In each area of the
province, Child and Youth Mental Health
(CYMH) services are offered to infants, children
and youth up to 18 years of age who are
experiencing mental health challenges. They also
have specialized teams in the province who
focus on Indigenous children and youth.

Child and Youth Mental Health services use a
team approach, which includes some
combination of master’s level clinicians, social
workers, psychologists, nurses, and outreach
workers who provide a variety of services and
specialized programs.

Services offered include: intake, assessment,
treatment, case management and consultation.
These are available based on need, current
demand, and best fit for the individual and
family. The assignment of services is
determined by the CYMH intake clinician or
team in consultation with the client or family.
Many locations offer therapeutic groups and
parenting skills sessions. Many of their local
teams can provide children and youth direct
access to psychological and psychiatric services
or arrange these services through a referral.
In addition, we can advocate for you with the
schools, physicians, social workers or others
who may require more understanding of you
and your child’s concerns

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